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Rain Kissed: Waimea, Hawaii Kahua Ranch Wedding

Updated: Jan 9

Rain. A poetic alchemy capable of cleansing the echoes of yesteryears, nurturing the soil of possibility, and coaxing forth the delicate buds of renewal.

Nick and Nicole's wedding day unfolded beneath a gentle rain that bestowed its blessings upon Kahua Ranch in Waimea, Hawaii. Far from fretting, the couple embraced the celestial tears. Kahu Tomasi, with grace, explained to them that in Hawaii, rain on your wedding day is a divine blessing, symbolizing strength and unity.

Nestled in the undulating hills of Waimea, surrounded by the graceful presence of horses and the warmth of family and friends, Nick and Nicole sealed their commitment to forever. Every detail meticulously placed, every moment acknowledged. The couple envisioned not to overshadow their surroundings but to amplify its inherent beauty, a goal flawlessly achieved. While many might yearn for a beach backdrop, Nick and Nicole, enchanted by the diverse landscapes of Hawai'i, discovered love in the myriad backdrops the islands had to offer.

As the night unfolded, the couple and their cherished guests danced under the stars, revitalizing with locally sourced delights from Umekes and the rich aroma of locally grown coffee by White Nene Coffee. The celebration culminated with a collective roar to T-Swift's "Love Story", bidding us adieu with a graceful bow into the good night.

Photographer, Alexandra Masihy

Catering, Umekes Catering

Coffee Bar, White Nene Coffee

Officiant, Kahu Tomasi

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