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SLH Weddings & Events emerged from the profound conviction held by our founder, Maurisa, that everyone deserves to lead lives immersed in love. Our dedication extends beyond mere event planning; we are fervently committed to crafting immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of our clients' lives.


At the heart of our ethos is a passion for the art of tailoring events to be not just remarkable occasions but genuine reflections of the distinctive personalities and extraordinary love stories that define each couple. Our approach is steeped in the belief that every celebration should be a bespoke masterpiece, intricately woven with intention and timeless elegance.

Our commitment to exclusivity sets us apart in the industry. We choose to collaborate with a limited number of couples annually, a deliberate decision aimed at ensuring an unparalleled client experience and allowing us to invest the necessary time and creativity into each individualized event design. This meticulous curation guarantees a personalized experience, as we sculpt each occasion with precision and a profound understanding of our clients' desires.

In embracing the art of crafting one-of-a-kind events, we invite you to join us on a journey where love is not just celebrated but elevated to a sublime experience that resonates for a lifetime.

Welcome to SLH Weddings & Events, where your unique love story takes center stage.

Meet Maurisa

Welcome! I'm Maurisa Collis, the proud owner and lead planner behind SLH Weddings & Events. My journey into the world of wedding planning didn't follow a conventional path. Originally hailing from Central Illinois, I embarked on my professional life as a special education high school teacher upon moving to the Big Island in 2020.

While my roots may not be in weddings, my inherent attention to detail and a fervent passion for event execution have always been part of who I am. After a few fulfilling yet demanding years in education, I found myself yearning for a creative outlet to channel my energy.


In pursuit of this desire, I ventured into the world of wedding planning, initially honing my skills at a small resort in Kona. The experience fueled my passion, ultimately leading to the establishment of SLH Weddings & Events.

Since our inception, I've had the immense pleasure of collaborating with numerous
couples, crafting unforgettable weddings spanning the picturesque landscapes of the Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai. Each event reflects not just my commitment to excellence but also the unique stories and visions of the couples I've had the privilege to work with.

I look forward to the opportunity of weaving more love stories and creating timeless memories through SLH Weddings & Events.

Our Clients Say

"Maurisa was an essential contributor to the success and experience of our wedding! Trying to coordinate our destination wedding on our own (initially) was extremely difficult and stressful. Things changed immediately when Maurisa came on board to support us. She was able to overcome any and all challenges that arose throughout the process, and expertly put all the pieces together. Her help was definitely worth every penny, and she brought additional value that we weren’t expecting. We highly recommend Sweet Like Honey, and can honestly say there wasn’t a single negative aspect to our interactions or the whole process overall. Thank you very much!"

William + Siobhan, October 2022

spirit of kokua

Kokua is an important concept on the islands. Kokua is the word used to describe the spirit of kindness, accompanied by a desire to help one another, without expecting anything in return. SLH Weddings & Events is committed to supporting local non-profits and projects that support and protect vulnerable people and animals on the major and outer islands of Hawaii.

As visitors on the sacred islands of Hawaii, it is important for us to act with the spirit of kokua. When you choose to partner with SLH Weddings & Events, you are supporting our commitment to He Makana Aloha Music Program, Hospice of Kona, and the Hawaii Island Humane Society. As we continue to grow + partner with couples, we hope to continue to expand our giving efforts. Please read a brief blurb about each of these non-profits below + consider a donation of your own.

He Makana Aloha Music Program

He Makana Aloha (A Gift of Love) Music Program's goal is to provide instruments and music education through workshops, community concerts, and music camps at no cost to children and families. Their targeted areas are South Kona, Moloka'i, Hana, and Lana'i. The program is run entirely by volunteers and depends on community sponsorships and donations.

SLH Weddings & Events is excited to share our commitment in sponsoring a student each summer to attend the program.

hospice of kona

Hospice of Kona’s family-centered approach to end-of-life care provides warmth, compassion and that needed personal touch. Based in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii (also known as ​“The Healing Island”), Hospice of Kona focuses on the whole person, and believes life should be celebrated with the highest quality of compassionate care.

SLH Weddings & Events is excited to share YOURS and our commitment to Hospice of Kona. At the conclusion of every event, our staff collects the remaining florals + donates them to Hospice of Kona to brighten a patient's day.

hawaii island humane society

Hawaii Island Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization that offers lifesaving programs and community outreach services. The mission of Hawaii Island Humane Society is to prevent cruelty to animals, eliminate pet overpopulation, and enhance the bond between humans and animals. 

SLH Weddings & Events is excited to share our commitment to feed a shelter animal each month.

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