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Love in the Rain: Holualoa Inn Intimate Wedding

Updated: Feb 8

We are beyond thrilled to share the magical love story of Helen and David, a couple whose adventurous spirits and genuine love for each other turned their wedding day into an unforgettable celebration. As a wedding planner, it's an absolute joy to recount the details of their special day at the breathtaking Holualoa Inn.

Exactly one year before tying the knot, Helen and David found themselves standing at the same spot where their love story began – the location of their engagement. This charming coincidence set the tone for a day filled with love, laughter, and a touch of adventure.

The couple, true to their nature, are avid adventurers, and it was no surprise that they chose the Holualoa Inn as their wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of nature, this venue provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate celebration, surrounded by the lush beauty of Hawaii.

An celebration with their closest family and friends created an intimate and warm atmosphere. As the raindrops started to fall on their special day, Helen and David, undeterred, embraced the weather with open hearts. Little did they know that this unexpected rain would gift them an awe-inspiring moment – a radiant rainbow that adorned the sky, beautifully captured in the gallery.

Working with this remarkable couple was an absolute pleasure. Helen and David's thoughtfulness and kindness shone through in every decision they made, making the planning process a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Their easygoing nature and genuine love for each other made it clear that, rain or shine, their wedding day would be nothing short of perfection.

Their special day was filled with candid moments of joy, heartfelt exchanges, and the breathtaking scenery that encapsulated Helen and David's love story. The rainbow, a symbol of hope and promise, became a magical element of their day, showcasing the beauty that can emerge from unexpected moments.

We were so honored to celebrate the love, resilience, and adventurous spirits of Helen and David. Their wedding day serves as a reminder that true love knows no bounds and that embracing life's surprises can lead to the most enchanting memories.

Wishing Helen and David a lifetime of love, laughter, and continued adventures together!

Photographers, The Arroyos

Officiant, Kahu Tom

Entertainment, Bula Akamu

Guest Book, After the Tone

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