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A Mo'olelo of Love at Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort

There's truly nothing quite like a style shoot to reignite the creative spark! Before delving into the intricacies of this shoot, I must express my deepest gratitude to the incredible team behind its execution. A heartfelt MAHALO to each member involved. Additionally, a special acknowledgment is owed to Ashley—my dear friend and partner in bringing this vision to life. Her passion, coupled with our meticulous planning, culminated in a final product that I'm utterly enamored with and will brag about for years to come.

Among the myriad elements of this styled shoot that resonate deeply with me, I'll begin by highlighting the intentions we set from its very inception. Recognizing the need to craft something as timeless as the Kona Village legacy, we anchored ourselves in six guiding principles: modern, sustainable, understated, artful, intentional, and organic. These descriptors, we believed, encapsulated the essence of both the newly reimagined Kona Village and the discerning, contemporary bride seeking luxury with a modern twist.

Continuing our journey, we meticulously curated the visual elements, opting for luxury brands that epitomize modernity and sustainability. Among the exquisite pieces, one stole my heart—the Simkhai wedding gown, a seamless blend of timeless elegance and contemporary allure. Complemented by the iconic Jimmy Choo shoes, it formed a harmonious fusion of classic and modern sophistication.

The florals and tablescape became the vibrant heart of our endeavor. While I've been fortunate to collaborate with couples who cherish our design input, there's a unique joy in crafting something reflective of our own vision. This experience allowed us to indulge in the creative process, and I must commend Ashley for her impeccable design sensibilities. Working alongside the talented team at Flower Me Pretty, too, was an absolute pleasure, as they brought our collective vision to fruition with finesse and flair.

However, this endeavor would have been incomplete without the iconic backdrop of Kona Village, which served as the perfect canvas for our creative endeavors. Nestled along the pristine shores of Hawaii's Big Island, this exclusive retreat offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and understated elegance. With its secluded beaches, lush landscapes, and azure waters, Kona Village provides an intimate and serene backdrop for unforgettable celebrations. The resort's commitment to sustainability and cultural authenticity adds a distinctive charm, appealing to discerning couples who prioritize environmental stewardship and genuine experiences. Kona Village promises an effortlessly elegant affair that transcends the ordinary, leaving couples and their guests with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Photographer, Ashley Purple

Bridal Dress, Simkhai

Bridal Shoes, Jimmy Choo

Bridal Jewelry, Chan Luu

Groom Suit, Hawes & Curtis

Officiant, Kahu Tom

Videographer, Sea the Light Imagery

Content Creation, Leialoha Socials

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